Ink Dances in Sumo No.1

Ink Dances in Sumo No.1

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"Ink Dances in Sumi no. 1" is the first of a series of paintings en route to recovery. Daily, using specific music, ink, and string, I let my fingers speak. Through this meditative art practice, a shift in mood and movement emerged, demonstrating the power of art in overcoming burnout.

Artist Statement:

Misdiagnosed due to gender bias, my world felt confusing. Depression, isolation, and suicidal thoughts plagued me for years. Misunderstandings and bullying fueled my sense of "otherness." Finally, at 33, an autism diagnosis explained my sensory processing issues, and social struggles, particularly as a queer nonbinary person.

My art work documents a period of autistic burnout where I couldn’t express myself verbally. In response, I created string painting techniques ("string theory") - a form of self-expression and stimming that embraced my neurodivergence.

Artist: Carolyn Ladd

sumi ink on kozo paper, aluminum-glass frame

14 x 12in  

This piece is part of an exhibit and must remain in the gallery through its duration. Items will be shipped or available for pickup starting 6/13/24.

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