1 out of 9 women and an unknown number of transgender people and cis men have endometriosis, yet it takes an average of 10 years before they are diagnosed.

Endometriosis & The EndoWarrior Program at The Jeweled Warrior

For most of her life, everything on the outside about our owner, Kristin Costin, appeared normal. However, beneath the surface, endometriosis deposits were relentlessly tormenting her with labor-level pains each and every month. Enduring through intractable, chronic, life-altering pain for over 16 years, Kristin fought tirelessly to be taken seriously by the medical community and access proper care. After her pain left her practically couch-bound for six years, she found it impossible to stay silent any longer. Kristin began initiating candid conversations with other women about painful menstruation and other "taboo" issues, finding solace in the similarities between their stories and realizing she wasn't alone in her struggle. It's a harsh reality that 1 out of 9 women (and an indeterminable amount of transgender people and cis men) grapple with endometriosis, yet it takes an average of 10 years before they receive a diagnosis. From lost productivity to infertility and incalculable emotional and financial tolls, this disease exacts a devastating impact on individuals and society as a whole. Endometriosis became Kristin's teacher, highlighting the urgent need to change the narrative surrounding this condition—a mission she now fervently pursues.

Kristin devoted two impactful years to traveling to medical conferences, delivering speeches to thousands of professionals and patients alike, with the hope of altering the standard of care for people with endometriosis. By bravely sharing her story, she has empowered endowarriors across the US to arm themselves with current knowledge, enabling them to access better care. Today, Kristin's commitment to raising awareness and facilitating change extends beyond her personal journey. Through The Jeweled Warrior's EndoWarrior program, profits from regular raffles are donated to Endo What?, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocacy and awareness work for people with endometriosis. Together, with the support of The Jeweled Warrior community, Kristin continues to champion the cause, striving to create a world where individuals with endometriosis are heard, understood, and provided with the care and support they deserve.