1 out of 10 women have endometriosis, yet it takes an average of 10 years before they are diagnosed.

Endometriosis & The EndoWarrior Program at The Jeweled Warrior

For most of her life everything on the outside about our owner, Kristin Costin, appeared normal, but underneath the surface, endometriosis deposits were relentlessly torturing her with labor-level pains each and every month.

People with endometriosis often refer to themselves as EndoWarriors—and with good reason. It was her battle with endometriosis that truly showed her the deep well of strength she possesses. She fought through intractable, chronic, life-altering pain for over 16 years to be taken seriously by the medical community and access proper care.

After her pain left her practically couch-bound for 6 years, she found it impossible to stay silent any longer. She started candid conversations with other women about painful menstruation and other "taboo" female issues. She found similarities between their stories that brought her solace knowing she wasn't alone and this wasn't "in her head".

1 out of 10 women (and an indeterminable amount of transgender people and cis men) have endometriosis, and yet it takes an average of 10 years before they are diagnosed. From lost productivity, to intractable pain, infertility, and incalculable emotional and financial tolls, this disease has a devastating impact on not only women, but society as a whole.

Endometriosis taught Kristin that in order to change the narrative of this disease, it is imperative to share our stories. Kristin spent 2 years traveling to medical conferences giving speeches to thousands of professionals and patients in the hopes to change the standard of care for women with endometriosis. By sharing her story candidly she has helped women across the US to empower themselves with current knowledge so they may access better care.

Now, we're raising awareness and funds through our EndoWarrior program, where profits from regular raffles are donated to Endo What?, a nonprofit doing incredible advocacy and awareness work for people with endometriosis.