Fairy Hair at The Jeweled Warrior

Fairy Hair- 4th Wednesdays

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Wild Fire Fairy Hair is here the Fourth Wednesday of every month! Upcoming dates:
May 22
June 26


Please do not buy a ticket here- it will not secure your spot! CLICK HERE to register.

Kelly Kinney is here to bedazzle you with Fairy Hair! Fairy Hair Sparkles are silk sparkle strands added to hair, one hair at a time, for a subtle, sparkling effect. This is a temporary adornment for entertainment. Not to be confused with hair tinsel, fairy hair is thin, colorful iridescent strands that attach to a single strand of your actual hair.

To register for your appointment CLICK HERE. This will take you to Wild Fire Fairy Hair's scheduling site. You will see available appointments as soon as she activates her link. If there are no dates available it means one of two things:

1. The link is not active for the month yet (usually occurs towards the end of the month or the beginning of the next month for a few days)


2. There are no more appointments available.

Please contact Kelly directly via her Facebook page for any appointment questions. We do not manage and cannot make any changes to her appointments or schedule. We are simply an enchanted setting for this Fairy to work her magic. Thank you for understanding! 

Please note: Kelly can run a few minutes late (anywhere from 15-30 minutes.) You are welcome to call the gallery the day of to see if she is on schedule: 610-242-9422. Thank you for your patience as Kelly cannot help but take extra special time with each and every one of her clients! 

Please do not buy a ticket here- it will not secure your spot! CLICK HERE to register. 

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