I'm a passionate collector of jewelry, art, and the stories of the artists behind them...

Hi! My name is Kristin Costin and I am the owner of The Jeweled Warrior. From a young age I’ve been fascinated with unique jewelry that has a story to tell. In my youth I was fortunate enough to travel to St. John, U.S.V.I. during summers with my family. My mom lived in the Virgin Islands on a sailboat for 20 years, and this is where my parents’ love story began. I grew up hearing tales of my mom’s scuba and sailing adventures, and she influenced my deep appreciation for animals, plants, and untouched nature. It was in St. John’s vibrant shops, with talented artists inspired by the incredible beauty around them, that my love of jewelry was born. Watching my father gleefully purchase handmade jewelry pieces from our favorite local shops for my “protesting” mother established jewelry-gift-giving as a love language early on in my life. Jewelry was my route to connect with others by proudly telling the story of where the piece came from. It was the way I shared my passion for the unique oceanic life, rainforests, and people in St. John with others. As I grew older I realized the more I knew about the piece and who made it, the more meaningful those conversations became. I love collecting the stories of artists, and I honed this passion during my studies of Eastern Religion and Studio Arts at the University of Rochester, NY. It was here that I first learned about sustainability, and became interested in how to be an active participant in doing better for our earth. My love of jewelry and passion for protecting nature combined to spark my interest in sustainable jewelry artists around the world.

"But you look fine..."

This phrase is heard all too often by women with endometriosis. For most of my life everything on the outside about me appeared normal, but internally, endometriosis deposits were relentlessly torturing my pelvis. Women with endometriosis often refer to themselves as EndoWarriors- and with good reason. It was my battle with endometriosis that truly showed me the deep well of strength I possess. I fought through intractable, chronic, life-altering pain for over 16 years to be taken seriously by the medical community and access proper care. After my pain left me almost counchbound for 6 years, I refused to stay silent any longer. I decided to start conversations with other women about painful menstruation and other "taboo" female issues. I found similarities between our stories that brought me solace knowing I wasn't alone and this wasn't "in my head". 1 out of 10 women have endometriosis, and yet it takes an average of 10 years before they are diagnosed. From lost productivity, to intractable pain, infertility, and incalculable emotional and financial tolls, this disease has a devastating impact on not only women, but society as a whole.

Endometriosis taught me that in order to change the narrative of this disease, it is imperative to share our stories.

I spent two years traveling to medical conferences giving speeches to thousands of professionals and patients in the hopes to change the standard of care for women with endometriosis. By sharing my story candidly I have helped women across the US to empower themselves with current knowledge so they may access better care. Now, I’m raising awareness and funds through our Jeweled EndoWarrior program, where 1% of store profits are donated to research and awareness for endometriosis so we can can get women back to thriving instead of just surviving.

It is my hope that The Jeweled Warrior will be a gallery where people are inspired to share their stories through creative gatherings and feel empowered participating in the purposeful purchasing of sustainable jewelry and art.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

-Maya Angelou.

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