The Magic of Fairy Hair!

fairy kelly standing next to her fairy hair table

Fairy Hair Sparkles may seem like a simple and temporary addition to your hair, but they can be life-changing for many people. Kelly Kinney, the founder of Wild Fire Fairy Hair, has been bedazzling people with these silky, colorful strands for years, and the stories of transformation are genuinely remarkable. Continue reading to discover the extraordinary impact she is making on her customers!


Fairy Kelly infuses Fairy Hair into one strand of your hair. It typically takes 10-15 minutes to place the strands, and the fairy hair will stay in until your strand of hair falls out. It can last months or a day...when you lose that hair, who can say? Most of our clients enjoy their fairy hair for weeks to months.

You can wash it, brush it, comb it, curl it, flat iron (up to 450°!), color it, straighten it, perm it, blow it dry, get your haircut, etc. Do whatever you normally do to your hair, but most of all, enjoy it!

The Transformative Magic of Fairy Hair:

Fairy Hair may seem like just a temporary decoration, but it has the power to impact people's lives. Adding a touch of sparkle to someone's hair can shift their perspective and change how others perceive them. It can be a reminder of their inner strength and beauty and a way to reclaim their identity beyond any external circumstances.

young woman smiling while kelly puts fairy hair into her hair

One of the most touching stories of Fairy Hair is about a woman who had just finished cancer treatment and was left with very fine, white hair. When she went for her Fairy Hair appointment, Kelly and her assistant were initially worried that the woman's hair was too short to attach the strands. Despite their concerns, the woman bravely asked them to give it a try. To their absolute delight, they were able to successfully apply the Fairy Hair! 

When the woman came downstairs with her sparkling hair, she grasped Kristin's hands with tears and told her that she had changed the conversation about her hair from "She's the cancer patient" to "OMG, what is that fabulousness in your hair?!?!" This simple adornment had transformed the woman's self-perception and allowed her to reclaim her identity beyond her illness. That is the beauty of Fairy Hair!

Register for Your Fairy Hair Appointment:

If you're interested in experiencing the transformative magic of Fairy Hair for yourself, you can register for an appointment with Kelly Kinney at Wild Fire Fairy Hair's scheduling site. Once the link is activated, you can see available appointments and book your own Fairy Hair session.

child receiving fairy hair from kelly

About Children

Fairy Hair is not meant for children's hair because they do not retain it as long as adults do. Typically it is recommended for any child under 10 to share an appointment with an adult that is getting fairy hair. We always want to be honest about the retention issue before you decide to make an appointment.

Private Events with Fairy Hair:

Additionally, if you're interested in having Fairy Hair at your next private event, Kelly offers her services, and you can find more information on the private events menu.

Fairy Hair may be a temporary adornment, but its impact can be long-lasting. Whether for a special occasion or everyday fun, adding a touch of sparkle to your hair can be a powerful reminder of your inner beauty and strength! And for those going through difficult times, it can be a way to reclaim their identity and shift the conversation to one of beauty and magic. 

Be sure to check out when fairy hair is available at The Jeweled Warrior on our events page