Woods and Willow

Janet Reimund a Jeweled Warrior Fine Jewelry Artist


Valley Forge, PA

What makes your jewelry unique?

Woods and Willow jewelry is all handmade - one-at-a-time. I love the beauty of mixing precious metals, such as Sterling Silver and Gold together because the coolness of Silver alongside the warmth of Gold is truly magical. My daughter, Kathryn and I work closely together, so our jewelry transcends all ages because our designs are simple, yet can be layered alongside other pieces for a more substantial look. Layering necklaces and bracelets are a niche with our business!

Why is sustainability important to your art?

Because my art showcases nature, protecting our planet is first and foremost. I work with PMC - Precious Metal Clay which is recycled Sterling Silver in clay form. This clay is the perfect medium to capture nature's elements. To transcend what already exists into another form in an earth-friendly process is key to preserving our planet.

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Woods and Willow Beads

What do you do to give back?

My father was a landscape designer, so we were always exposed to unique plants, trees and shrubbery. I've passed on my love of plants and flowers to my daughters who are both avid gardeners and hopefully their love of nature continues to flourish for generations to come. I also have a jewelry collection that is aligned to Woods and Willow nature branding, entitled "Sticks and Stones". Proceeds from the sale of these pieces go to various anti-bullying foundations to assist teaching our young children to respect everyone no matter if there are differences. This cause is near and dear to my heart because my sister is mentally challenged and I grew up with the heartbreak of seeing what she endured. There is so much more awareness than there was years ago and I hope these proceeds can aid in dissolving the terrible effects of bullying.

What do you hope your jewelry inspires in others?

My hope is that my nature-inspired jewelry inspires the wearer to "Look Up" from their phones and busy lives if only for a few minutes and breathe in the beauty and calmness nature possesses that is present each and every day just waiting for us to take notice!


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