Fate, Texas

What type of art does this company help create?

Fun and functional art made with reclaimed and salvaged metal and materials.

Who creates this art?

Artisans in Texas make each piece by hand in small batches. No two pieces are ever quite the same, and every item is one of a kind.

Whimsies Upcycled metal art
Whimsies turtle welcome sign

How are communities benefiting from making this art?

Making art from materials that would have otherwise been discarded provides jobs for local artisans while simultaneously removing objects from the trash cycle. They are taking care of their communities and the earth!

How is this supporting sustainability?

Whimsies re-uses and repurposes wherever and whenever possible, from raw materials to packaging. Turning items that were “trash” into treasure by infusing them with creativity and new life is the essence of sustainable art.