The Aura Painter


Coatesville, PA

What makes your art unique?

My art is ever changing and evolving and as much as I yearn for a cohesive style, I also think that following my creative intuition without limit is what sets my work apart. I create with my heart and gut and try to remain out of the box as much as possible.

What about nature inspires you to create your art?

Nature inspires me with its patterns, colors, and cycles. I can’t help but feel encouraged to keep going when I take time to appreciate nature. I am in love with heart shapes I find in leaves, the sound of flowing water, and the perfect spiral of a vine. The way bright yellow flowers popping up in early spring signal the sun’s return for the growing season. Nature’s creativity is unrivaled.

What's one way you give back to nature?

I give back to nature by planting pollinator friendly plants in my gardens. I have a grove of milkweed that seeded itself and comes back stronger every year. I love to share the seeds with friends. I also help by picking up trash in my neighborhood with my kids when we go on walks.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

I hope my art inspires creativity in others and that you only need that creative spark to make art. I believe everyone can be an artist and that nursing our creativity can bring peace to our lives.