Susan Rodgers Designs


Stony Brook, NY

What makes your jewelry unique?

Living on Long Island, our family spent summers camping and boating on Fire Island. This gem of an island taught me the true love of nature, exploring the forests, trails and beaches. It was only natural to incorporate this love into my jewelry designs.

How do you practice sustainability in your art?

Cherishing The Earth first and foremost We use earth-friendly processes to create our recycled sterling jewelry. Inspired and designed by all the beauty nature provides, feel confident that you are a integral part in being kind to what we have been given.

Susan Rogers Earrings
Susan Rogers earrings

What is your Goal?

Plain and Simple - We design and create our jewelry designs for you to wear and feel special by the flattering elegant lines and textures. Graceful and versatile, wear our jewelry and let nature’s beautiful lines and textures show the beauty in you. Like in nature, you are unique and your jewelry should reflect that.

What Inspires your Art

Inspiration comes in many forms. Whether it’s the elegant line of a tree, the textures in stones or a fallen flower petal, nature always provides. These begin the design process in my head. Sketches of what I envisioned begin.

Susan Rogers Ring

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