Sagawa Stained Glass


York, PA

What makes your art unique?

I started working with stained glass in the late 1970’s and am mostly self-taught or learned through experimentation. I believe that my creativity has benefited from not being taught what “couldn’t” be done with glass. My skills and direction have changed and evolved over time. I started with traditional two-dimensional leaded panels and then created my own “tree of life” panel using copper foil in a most nontraditional fashion. I create the tree panels by drawing the design on the stained glass and then cutting out each piece, wrapping them with copper foil, overlaying with additional copper foil which I then sculpt and solder to resemble tree bark. Because each design is drawn freehand, no two panels are the same. I make the stars from glass that is left from making the tree panels.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

I feel it is an obligation for each of us to pass on an appreciation and respect for a good earth to future generations. Through my art I am trying to support this environmental obligation.

Sagawa Stained Glass Stars
Sagawa Stained Glass Tree Sunset

What do you do to give back?

After I make my tree panels I use the left over glass to make my stars. Then I donate pieces that are too small for me to use to local mosaic artists. In the end a minimal amount of scraps go to the landfill. I support small business by buying most of my materials from a family-owned stained glass company. Lastly, I team with my husband to deliver meals to seniors.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

I hope that the colors and patterns of the glass and the simple, flowing lines of the tree branches are soothing to people and cause them to smile in appreciation of the natural beauty of what nature has to offer.

Sagawa Stained Glass artist quote