Luana Coonen

Luana Coonen
Luana Coonen Large Rose Petal Earrings


Paonia, CO

What makes your jewelry unique?

The blend of alternative materials and traditional techniques. Combining non-precious materials with precious metals and technical goldsmithing skills.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

Jewelry has been worn by humans as far back as we can record, and with one precious planet which is going through some changes, we should figure out some solutions in the jewelry industry to ensure humans can continue to make and wear adornments in the future. I would not feel comfortable working with materials which are not carefully sourced.

Large Moon Encasement Earrings, Luana Coonen
Gold Crescent Moon Studs, Luana Coonen

What do you do to give back?

I personally always donate (whether it be time or money) to my local watershed conservation/protection agency wherever I am living, as I believe that to be an extremely valuable resource. I also am an active member in the ethical jewelry community, to help broaden the discussion and education on that topic.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

To carry the story of what we wear, and why we connect to it. My hope is maybe if you've never bought something handmade before, this may be the first piece of handmade you've purchased, and spread the word of why you connect with it and the story of who made it too.

Luana Coonen, Morpho Wing Necklace