Leather Sage

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Hamilton, MO

What makes your art unique?

I design and handcraft jewelry and decor, using elk and deer leather that I harvest, clean, and process in Montana wild lands once a year. I then use these treated hides to create each unique Leather Sage piece, which are all carefully handcrafted (and often hand beaded) over the span of several days. The wild sage on our hunting grounds extends to the far reaches of our land, and it's smell welcomes me home every time. This greeting of my homeland inspired the name of this art I've so lovingly created.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

I grew up on a small family farm, and then I spent a decade in one of the US’ largest cities. With this contrast of living, became impossible to ignore how our waste, overconsumption, and exploitation of resources is damaging to our earth, our animals, our communities, and our selves. I’ve come full circle and back to my roots in realizing how essential it is for me to reincorporate nature, sustainability, and clean living back into my daily life and artwork. My work is grounded in the awareness that hunting is a conservation and that sustainable living is an achievable goal, if we just put in the extra effort.

Leather Sage leather keyring
Leather Sage fringe earrings

What do you do to give back?

Beading changed my life; It allowed me to come back home to myself. My art allows me to heal and expand as I reconnect to my own body. I offer these reminders to my collectors through my work. I also find it impactful to donate to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, participate in MFWP hunting systems, and hold raffles for social justice fundraisers and organizations that support BIPOC artists or communities.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

May these pieces leave you feeling bold, brave, and beautiful within your own skin. Shop local, shop small, feel presence in your body, find answers in nature, and always move towards Love!

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