Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

Laura Elizabeth The Jeweled Warrior Ethical Artist
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Austin, Texas

What makes your art unique?

I make a lot of my jewelry from items I find from nature.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

Sustainability is important to my art because sustainability is important to me. The day my niece was born (8 years ago), I held her and told her that I would do whatever I could to give her the best opportunities and to keep her safe. She and her kids (if she wants them) deserve a healthy and livable environment, too.

Moon Necklace

What do you do to give back?

I create my jewelry sustainably and ethically, locally. I also donate a percentage of my sales to the nonprofit of my customer’s choice. It comes out of my pocket, not my customers.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

My hope is that my art inspires others to express oneself effortlessly and elegantly, and to know that she/he/they can do it sustainably.”


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