Jennifer Domal Studios


West Chester, PA

What makes your artwork unique?

I really love math and geometry. My work is infused with dynamic shapes and forms playing over beautiful eggshells.

Why is sustainability in art important to you?

My canvas literally comes from a healthy domestically raised hen and I write my lines with locally sourced beeswax. I cannot write a single pysanka without a healthy bee which means healthy fields and flowers. Poultry that has safe quarters and proper feed gives me the very best eggshell on which to write my art.

Egg Frame

What do you do to give back to your community?

I love to teach hobby farmers how to empty eggs so that they can increase revenue stream. Poultry is expensive. A carton of eggs doesn’t cover the cost of the hen. But selling the clean, empty blown eggs for artists and collectors means the farmer can use the egg for themselves while selling the eggshell.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

The joy of learning about another culture is first! Second, is the fun of finding out that history is pretty interesting and relatable. Third, folk art is art for the people. It doesn’t require you to have mastery or a high level of skill. Just the ability to enjoy yourself.


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