Irena Marie Hartingerová

Irena Marie Jewelry Artist
Irena Marie Magnolia Necklace Recycled Plastic


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What makes your jewelry unique?

I work with surgical steel, which is very hard, and I combine metal with recycled PET bottles. Steel is interesting and unique in that it is very strong, hard, durable and does not oxidize like precious metals. Therefore, it does not change color, it does not need to be cleaned after some time, it is still the same. It is not subject to abrasion like precious metals when worn frequently. That is why, in my view, she is noble and perfect. I process used PET bottles using my own technology. At high temperatures, I have to melt them and melt them directly onto metal, much like doing with glass. That is why I professionally call this technology PET enamel. The resulting effect is indistinguishable from glass by the eye. The advantage is that the resulting jewelry is very light and unbreakable when dropped.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

I am fascinated by the availability of [plastic], its ductility and properties. It works well and quickly. In addition, there is a large color gamut on the market in my country, so I can achieve a greater variety of color effects by mixing them during processing. Basically, I can say that using old, used things for a new purpose is motivating and forces a person to be creative.

Lily pad earrings, Irena Marie, Recycled Plastic
Irena Marie dandelion earrings and necklace, recycled plastic

What do you do to give back?

I live in the countryside, I take care of the garden, which I learn to run purely ecologically, without any chemistry, I feed birds all year round, I grow plants suitable for insects, I am simply trying to create an oasis of colorful life within my limits.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

I create jewelry that is primarily intended to decorate its owner. I'm happy when someone likes to wear them, they feel good in them. When the woman who is wearing them has the feeling that she is exceptional thanks to them and that makes her happy. That, I think, is the purpose of jewelry. If the jewelry inspired someone, for example, to a deeper relationship with nature, it would be something extra that would add further meaning to the work.

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