HKM Jewelry

HKM Jewelry, a Jeweled Warrior Jewelry Artist


West Chester, PA

What makes your jewelry unique?

I use recycled silver, gold and found objects from the Atlantic shoreline. I mold and cast seashells and other findings into durable replicas as charms. I also set beach stones, sea glass and shell shards like gems in my designs. These pieces all become heirlooms to remind the wearer of their favorite seaside memories. With personalized sizing and finish options, there are endless possibilities for new designs.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

I believe in leaving a place better than you found it, and as a teacher I hope to pass on the same sustainable practices that I follow, to the next generation of jewelry artists.

HKM Cardita Necklace
HKM Teeth drops

What do you do to give back?

I give a portion of my yearly profits to local conservation organizations like the NJ Audubon Society and Surfrider Foundation. I also pick up heaps of trash on my beach walks while collecting my jewelry materials.


Art inspires change and we need that in today's climate crisis. There is no chance of change without the powerful effects of human emotion. My jewelry is a conversation about times, places and creatures of great importance to our ecosystem as a whole. By promoting love and care for the sea, I can inspire a new generation of ocean lovers that make more sustainable choices in their lives.

HKM Wave Ring

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