HartVariations, a Jeweled Warrior Fine Jewelry Artist
HartVariations Fine Jewelry


Otis, Oregon

What makes your jewelry unique?

My work is unique by default, as each butterfly wing, snakeskin shed fragment, feather, etc. can vary so much. Even within the perfection of symmetrical dragonfly or butterfly wings there might be just one little tiny speck that is not mirrored exactly in the opposing wing. And that is to be embraced.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

Sustainability is paramount to me and my business, as all creatures must be protected and honored. My purchasing practices in general, and especially for the natural materials I use reflect this by ensuring that the next generation of butterflies, etc. live on. I take a No Harm, Cruelty-free approach to sourcing.

HartVariations Fine Jewelry

What do you do to give back?

HartVariations donates a portion of sales to two non-profit organizations: Black Food Sovereignty Coalition and The Loveland Foundation. Strengthening community food systems and access to mental health resources are necessary and aid in our health as a society. We support the work these two organizations are doing for Black & BIPOC communities.

What do you hope your jewelry inspires in others?

I hope my work inspires you to see your role in the Natural World in a new light. Being more connected to nature and coming into more of a symbiotic relationship with the creatures we share this planet with is pretty much everything.

Prism Sunset Moth Necklace HartVariations Fine Jewelry