Grit & Grace

Grit & Grace
Grit & Grace oyster jewelry shell


Charleston, SC

What type of art does this company help create?

Oyster shell jewelry dishes

What makes your company unique?

Their “family of mermaids,” makes the only oyster jewelry dishes and oyster jewelry that also gives back: they recycle 10 oyster shells from Charleston restaurants back to local oyster reef restoration projects to help combat South Carolina’s critical shell shortage.

Grit & Grace ocean oyster jewelry dish
Grit & Grace octopus jewelry dish

How are you supporting sustainability?

When Grit & Grace Studio founder Rachel Gordon began working with oyster shells and conceptualizing her oyster shell lifestyle collection, she researched the industry and learned there was a critical shell shortage in South Carolina. Rachel felt immediately called to this crisis and became an advocate for oyster shell recycling in Charleston, partnering with the SCDNR Oyster Recycling and Restoration Program. She implemented an ambitious recycling program immediately, integrating sustainable business practices into Grit & Grace Studio from day one.

Why do we need to recycle oyster shells?

A number of reasons! Not only are oyster reefs part of the natural breakwaters that protect our shorelines from erosion, but these reefs also provide a habitat for a variety of marine species, including young oyster larvae. When adult wild oysters are harvested, this vital life cycle can be disrupted if the shell is not replaced to provide habitat for the young oysters. Replenishing oyster shell is an important way to ensure the future generations of oysters.Complete the cycle by recycling!

Grit & Grace no pearl no grit jewelry dish