Flat Out Florals

Flat Out Florals, a Jeweled Warrior Jewelry Artist


Pottstown, PA

What makes your jewelry unique?

Each piece is handcrafted using true elements of nature that we harvest and preserve ourselves. Preserving the beauty that Mother Nature provides and embedding it in pieces that can be admired year round.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

I often see people temporarily enjoying the beauty, warmth, and joy of flowers and other elements of nature. Preserving that and capturing those feelings to experience longer than a moment is what we strive to do; giving nature a second life beyond its season. It is apparent that to create our work we take from nature and as a thank you it is important to us that we give back to nature and support the growth of natural resources.

Flat Out Florals Dangly Earrings
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What do you do to give back?

We are humbled by nature and remember to be kind when we harvest elements to preserve. We take only what we need and plant more seeds when we do. We support local organizations by donating items to their events and promoting their mission.

What do you hope your jewelry inspires in others?

To embrace moments and preserve memories.

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