Jen Who Plays the Gong


Douglassville, PA

Why did you choose to teach yoga and sound therapy?

After working in the nursing field for over a decade in a variety of settings, I ultimately have witnessed the truest path of wellness is taking time to stop and receive. As a Globe, we have become so hurried in our actions and labors. Yin yoga with sound immersion is my offering of peace to each layer of the recipient’s being. It is intended to give nourishing rest, stillness and quiet in a noisy, over-paced world.

What makes your classes unique?

The incorporation of my many special instruments acquired from all over and usually with a story linked to it. The class affords you the chance to not strive, be passive and receive which is something that is a rare opportunity to find today.


What about nature inspires you to teach yoga and offer sound therapy?

When we live a simple, quiet and sustainable life, we are cultivating a sustainable Earth. Offering yin yoga with sound immersion reminds me of the quietness we may find in the woods when we can sit on a boulder or overturned tree and just listen and be. Forest bathing is very much akin to the releasing within mind, body and spirit that we experience in a stilling and quiet practice.

What’s one way you give back to nature or your community?

Nature is the truest friend; it is an honor to serve every aspect of them. I offer smudge or incense to air spirits; I pick up trash wherever I see it; I clear rivers and streams; I eat as little packaged food as possible. My life has become an offering of gratitude to nature.

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