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Secane, PA Delaware County

What makes your art unique?

The thought behind the details makes my work unique. How a mug feels when cradled in your hands, how it’s lip feels on your lips as you drink from it and even how the liquid flows out of it are all important to your enjoyment of it. Little surprises like how the glaze flows over texture, a small flower on the foot of the pot or tiny stamps on the mug handles also add to your enjoyment as you use your pottery.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

Sustainability is practiced throughout my process. Scrap clay is recycled until a successful pot is created. During the glazing process, brushes, etc are rinsed off in a 5 gallon bucket that when full, is run through a sieve and used to mix a new glaze that will never be able to be recreated. Pots with minor flaws become my everyday dishes. Shards from any pots that break end up at the bottom of flower pots, in my garden as decoration or can be used in mosaics. Just taking a ceramic mug to work is a small step toward sustainability by keeping disposable cups out of the landfills.

Deramics Clay Studio Dolphin Mug
Deramics Clay Studio Dining Set

What do you do to give back?

I shop local to support small businesses.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

I hope my work inspires thankfulness and appreciation for family & friends, time together, good food & slowing down to enjoy life.

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