Coco Loco Jewelry

Coco Loco Jewelry
Coco Loco Jewelry Carved Abalone Earrings


Santa Cruz, CA

What type of art does this company help create?

Hand-carved jewelry made from natural and sustainable materials including: coconut, exotic hardwoods, shell, horn and bone.

Who creates this art?

Artisans from tribes around the globe. Coco loco aims to help sustain their culture by maintaining these forms of traditional art and adornment.

Coco Loco Jewelry Shell Necklaces
Coco Loco Jewelry Carved Bone Earrings

How are communities benefiting from making this art?

Coco Loco supports over 50 artisans around the globe and strives beyond fair trade. They work directly with all of their carvers and artists, making sure that their quality of life is maintained, preserved, and improved.

How is this supporting sustainability?

Coco loco takes special care to source natural materials with an environmentalist mindset, and they enjoy the satisfaction of finding and making beautiful jewelry out of recycled, salvaged and sustainably harvested materials.

Coco Loco Jewelry Carved Wood Earrings