Casa Bonita Lifestyle


Melbourne, Australia

What makes your company unique?

Casa Bonita shop and the Women's Empowerment Hub is a unique social enterprise because we curate our products from micro businesses and provide business coaching and mentoring to support the woman behind the business to grow personally and professionally. Our artisanal made collection preserves indigenous ancestral techniques, also caring for family traditions to keep alive.

Why is sustainability in your process important to you?

It's extremely important because with Casa Bonita's business model we aim to create social, economic and environmental impact to improve the living conditions of all our suppliers. Connecting cultural products and women from different backgrounds, supporting micro and artisanal businesses, sourcing mostly plant based or small batches of productions.

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What do you do to give back?

Our shop in Melbourne (AUS) has become a safe cultural bridge where different communities celebrate culture, diversity and women empowerment. We run programs to educate and support women entrepreneurs. Our cultural events are a great showcase of Latin culture.

What do you hope your company’s art inspires in others?

I hope that Casa Bonita products inspire people to empower women, and promote diversity and socially conscious purchases.

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