Bedazzled Witchery

Bedazzled witchery Candles


Milford, CT

What makes your candles unique?

I believe everything has energy…flowers, plants, crystals even beeswax, carry their own unique energies that vibrate with the Universe. Fragrances too have characteristics that imbue feelings of happiness, joy, love, comfort, power, protection and even align with our plants and the magick of the universe. I tap into life experiences and always growing, to continue to offer candles for magickal and mundane purposes alike.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

We need to not only connect with Mother Earth, but get better at honoring her and acting with responsibility as a whole to ensure that what we create and use in everyday life is sustainable and does not cause more damage to an already fragile planet and ecosystem.

Bedazzled Witchery beeswax lotus candle
Bedazzled Witchery cat moon beeswax candle

What do you do to give back?

I planted an entire garden around my tiny house near the CT coast and half mile from a nature sanctuary which includes not only a large selection of herbs used in magickal and culinary use but also pollinator friendly. It has been my joy for 6 years to see hummingbirds, their imposter friend the Sphinx moth, different wild and colorful songbirds. When I core an apple, or one is overripe, I’ll sometimes dice it up and leave it outside for the squirrels, opossums and even skunks…it’s a nice treat and surprise for them and helps me not waste fruit.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

To encourage one to tap into the inane inner magick we all possess but as civilized humans (and adults!) we forget how to kindle and tend that flame.

Bedazzled Witchery artist quote