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There is a Heap

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“The Connection to Ladders” Artists Statement
Ladders exist in co-dependent two parts: side rails, which exist separately from each other, and steps, which connect the side rails. Without the steps, the side rails have no stability, and without the side rails, the steps serve no function. Metaphorically, the steps serve as connection, much the same way handshakes or conversation connect two people.
These three works, part of a larger series, explore isolation, loneliness, and connection.
Their creation coincided with an illness that temporarily isolated me physically and emotionally from the world. This was followed nearly immediately by an extended trip to care for my father, before moving him closer to me. Again, I was isolated, this time from home and family.
My father’s physical and cognitive decline accelerated. Previously a world traveler, trips to the doctor became arduous. A scholar and author of eight books, his comprehension of written language decreased incrementally and regularly, separating him from history and study. Hearing loss, lack of mobility, reduced short-term memory, and Covid-19 further increased his isolation, and my isolation from him.
The series culminated shortly after my father’s passing, which created a permanent lack of connection to his physical presence for me.

Artist: Lee Pohlsander

Found Fabric, Aplique, Embroidery, Acrylic paint, Ballpoint Pen

8.5x11.5, 14x18 Framed

This piece is part of an exhibit and must remain in the gallery through its duration. Items will be shipped or available for pickup starting 6/13/24.

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