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Sometimes we walk around for years with inner wounds—unprocessed grief, untreated
trauma, constant stress, bitterness we just can’t get over. It’s like wearing a diver’s
weight belt and not knowing it.
I’ve suffered my share of pain and bitterness in life. And I’ve worked in trauma healing
with people suffering from the violence of war, civil unrest, domestic abuse, pandemics,
and natural disasters.
You might expect trauma healing to be depressing, gloomy work, seeing the face of evil
in and around us close up. But there is also laughter, joy, and soaring.
Freedom from emotional pain is a tremendous release!

Artist: Harriet Hill

gouache, waxed.

9 x 12” Framed size 13 x 17 x 1.5”.

This piece is part of an exhibit and must remain in the gallery through its duration. Items will be shipped or available for pickup starting 6/13/24.

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