Mind Blooms Exhibit
Mind Blooms Exhibit
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Mind Blooms Exhibit

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Mind Blooms by Emily Mullet

Opening Night Reception

November 11th
No ticket necessary- please do not purchase tickets for this event! 
About the Artist 

Emily Mullet is a mixed media artist based in Phoenixville, PA. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting and Graphic Design from the College of the Ozarks in 2012. She uses printmaking techniques to explore her interest in floral imagery and the female form. Much of Emily’s work is influenced by contemporary street artists, drawing inspiration from aerosol paints, stencils, and wheat pastes. Emily completed an apprenticeship at Moravian Pottery and Tile works and has been featured by PxP Contemporary, Arts to Hearts Project, SHOWFIELDS, and CandyFloss Magazine.

Artist Statement

This series of blue portraits were made using the cyanotype printing process. This photographic form of printing uses paper coated with dye along with sunlight exposure to create an image. The mirrored figures in the prints originate from the mixed media pieces of my Mind Bloom series. To make the cyanotype versions, I digitally collaged photographs of my previous work into mirrored and interlocking compositions. These compositions were then printed as negatives and used to produce the work before you. 

I have often used cyanotypes to create mementos and artwork to make personal life events. It has been a way for me to capture sacred moments in time. This particular body of work marks my transition from artist to artist mother. The entire collection was created during my third trimester of pregnancy. Using cyanotypes to build this body of work was the most appropriate medium to mark that moment in time. 

Not only is the collection of cyanotypes a visual extension of the original Mind Blooms series, but the conceptual themes have been carried through as well. The initial series explores the idea of the mind as a vast garden. The viewer is encouraged to value and nurture the native plants of their mind instead of disregarding them. The cyanotypes dive deeper into that theme by exploring how one does that. There is symbolism tied to the positioning of the women in each portrait. The mirroring of the figures symbolizes an intimate sense of self-trust. The interlocking limbs and flowers illustrate strength and inner confidence. The women portrayed leaning in and resting on each other exemplify a peace that develops when you can rely on your character. When these types of traits are established in an individual, there is a sense of ease and assurance when nurturing the garden of your mind.

Opening night celebrations begin at 5:30pm!
Join us for complimentary sparkling rosé and bubbly as we open Emily's exhibit in the Transformative Gallery.

Browse the exhibit, connect with Emily, sip on a tasty beverage, and peruse our incredible selection of hand-curated art and jewelry in our Enchanted Forest Gallery.

Emily's exhibit will run from November 11th-December 4th. We can't wait for you to join us! 

No ticket necessary, just enjoy at your leisure! 
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