Mediumship Tarot Card Readings

Mediumship Tarot Card Readings

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 Friday February 24th

Please Do NOT purchase tickets to this event! Tickets do not guarantee a reading! Please call the gallery at 610-242-9422 to secure your time slot. Walk-ins welcome the day of but we highly recommend reserving your time slot as Michelle typically sells out :) Thank you! 

Join Michelle Terry, fourth generation intuitive and psychic medium, to connect to your loved ones on the other side. Her compassionate and welcoming style allows spirit to uniquely express their love and messages of support from beyond the veil.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the art of connecting spirit (aka loved ones who have crossed over) with those still living here on earth, bringing through meaningful messages and validating that a part of our soul lives on and we are always connected. Each Medium is unique and uses different parts of their psychic intuition to interpret and communicate messages. The most common psychic senses we all have are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear knowing). When I connect with your loved ones on the other side I generally 'see' them in my mind's eye and will describe how they appeared in their living life, their favorite traits and parts of their personality. Sometimes they'll flash me pictures of meaningful moments to validate it's really them (which is a lot like playing charades!). The stronger the connection the more I'll 'hear' what they have to say - I love when they play me songs that are meaningful! And beyond just saying 'hello', they'll often have some words of wisdom and peace to help us continue on in our daily lives. My favorite part of these readings are witnessing the love and connection that endures between all of us here on earth and our family, friends and pets (yes! pets!) on the other side. It is a sacred honor to witness these reunions that forever reinforce that when this life is over, only love remains.

What is the difference between psychic intuition and mediumship?

They're actually very similar except the energetic wavelength varies. I like to explain it this way...our 'sixth sense' works a lot like a radio. When we tune into a strong channel close to home (our heart) this is called our intuition. Intuition is the gut feelings we get that keep us safe and help us know what others are feeling. The next frequency we can tune to, psychic information, is outside our bodies and slightly higher in vibration. Psychic information primarily pops into our heads as sudden knowing, pictures or thoughts. When you think about a friend and they call you 5 minutes later, or you're thinking about ordering pizza for dinner when your partner blurts out 'let's get a pizza!' - that's what happens when we connect on a psychic level. Mediumship and connecting with spirit on the other side happens on the next frequency up (and angels and guides are up here too, at varying levels). Information from the spirit world is different for everyone but feels much different than psychic information. It takes a little more of our physical energy and focus to maintain the connection and the information tends to flow through super fast. Spirits on the other side also have to drop their vibration a bit to slow down enough to connect with us, so it's a bit of a 'meet in the middle' dance. Often our loved ones come to us in dreams where we're relaxed and most receptive, but they also send us signs and symbols in our daily life - all we have to do is ask, then be patient and trust.

Investment is $40 for a 20 minute reading paid directly to Michelle at the time of your reading. Michelle accepts cash, venmo, and paypal.

This is limited to ages 18+. Please note: Michelle cannot guarantee each attendee will hear from spirit, but most do!


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