Got a Secret!

Got a Secret!

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 Keeping trauma secret takes so much energy and is so isolating and destructive. 

Trauma brings shame, and shame always wants us to hide, to not let anyone know, to keep it a secret, maybe even from ourselves. 

But keeping secrets takes so much energy! Like keeping a lot of empty bottles under water. Preoccupying. Exhausting. We might feel like we’re going crazy. . . 

Healing comes in exposing the secret, telling our story to others we can trust, even if we’ve kept the secret for a lifetime. 

Artist: Harriet Hill

gouache, waxed.

Framed 17 x 13 x 1.5"

This piece is part of an exhibit and must remain in the gallery through its duration. Items will be shipped or available for pickup starting 6/13/24.

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