Framed Morpho Wing Encasement Earrings

Framed Marquis Blue Morpho Earrings

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The morpho butterfly found a place to rest, upon the moon.

Real blue morpho butterfly wing set in a beautifully textured moon-crater earrings. Sterling silver moon & earwires, morpho wing with a dusting of mica (for a light gold shimmer, see last photo) set between two layers of polycarbonate. When worn, earrings shimmer from iridescent blue & purple to flashes of gold.

Blue morpho wings are from an old butterfly collection found at an estate sale, which were disassembled and reused. Limited supply of wings left. Avoid getting earrings wet (will distort wing color).

1 3/4” total length

1 3/8” diameter

earrings are medium weight, not for ears sensitive to weight. 

Handmade in Sonoma County with carefully sourced materials.

Make it a set with the matching necklace!

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