Alder Cone and Twig Earrings

Alder Cone and Twig Earrings

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You can think of an alder tree as a pioneer—it can grow where other trees can’t. Wherever it grows, it improves the fertility of the soil so that other plants and trees can follow. It’s a trailblazer tree. 


The pine cones of the alder tree are dense and intricate, making them perfect for casting in silver. The pine cones hang from cast twigs, which I think makes these earrings particularly eye-catching. 


These earrings are comfortable enough for everyday wear, or you can save them for whenever you need a gentle reminder to keep blazing your own trail. 


This item pairs nicely with the Three Alder Cone Necklace.



Material: recycled sterling silver

Length: 1.5 inches

Finish: oxidized silver 

Earring Type: Dangle/drop

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