Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages
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What type of art does this company help create?

Purposeful goods and gifts crafted by hand for home and life.

Who creates this art?

Makers in developing countries. Sometimes it is just one maker and sometimes it is a community of artisans.

Ten Thoudand Villages glass luminary
Ten Thousand Villages Wind Chimes

How are communities benefiting from making this art?

When Ten Thousand Villages does what they do, food is on the table, kids go to school, families build homes and save for the future, and confidence becomes contagious. Ten Thousand Villages’ ethical investment model empowers makers to grow their businesses, provide for their families, and strengthen their communities.

How is this supporting sustainability?

Today, Ten Thousand Villages impacts tens of thousands of people – artisans and their families – who without the work and investment they provide, would likely remain caught in a cycle of poverty. Instead, sustainable development practices are growing financial stability and igniting social change.

Ten Thousand Villages Carved Tray