Mother Hylde


St. Peter’s, PA

What makes your products unique?

Making herbal remedies and corsets have also been medicine for myself. Quite often when I feel inspired to make a new formula, it turns out to be just the thing I’ve been needing myself. Sewing and wearing corsets has also been medicine for me in the sense that it has helped me to re-embody the divine feminine in myself and overcome a narrative of shame attached to feminine expression.

Why is sustainability in your products important to you?

I wouldn’t be a very good herbalist if I didn’t pay attention to the stories of the herbs I work with. Are they native to my own earthspace? Are they being overharvested or being taken from a tradition that is not my own? I try to be mindful of how humans have historically and presently interacted with these plants.

Cara White

What’s one way you give back to nature or your community?

In my gardening practices, I use some permaculture and biodynamic methods. Also, when I’m out wildcrafting for herbs, I am mindful of taking only what I need.

What do you hope your work inspires in others?

I hope that my work inspires others to cultivate a connection with the more-than-human in their inner and outer landscapes.