Lola Zyscovich

Lola Zyscovich a Jeweled Warrior Fine Jewelry Artist


San Francisco, CA

What makes your jewelry unique?

Many of my designs utilize unique structural designs brought about by creating new ways to capture gemstones. I use rivets, tension settings and geometric forms to create pared down designs based on a structural idea.

Why is sustainability important to your art?

Sustainability is prevalent at every stage of my work. I use recycled metals, and sustainably and ethically sourced materials everywhere from my workshop to the jewelry to the packaging. We only have one earth and I want my work to respect that. I hand-fabricate everything using minimal resources and only support suppliers that are in line with my ethics.

Lola Zyscovich Iris Studs
Lola Zyscovich iris Necklaces

What do you do to give back?

My shop is eco-friendly and mainly human powered. I use responsible sourcing to aid in empowering artisanal miners and reduce my impact on the earth. I strive to educate people on the effects mass production has on the environment, hoping they make better choices in whom they support.


I want my art to feel like it was always part of someone’s personal style, to reflect their character and add beauty and tactile satisfaction into their daily lives.

Lola Zyscovich Honeycomb Necklaces

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