Kristyn Ann Miller


Chester County, PA

What makes your clothing unique?

All of my clothing pieces are one of a kind, no two are ever created exactly the same. I pour my heart into my craft and use it as an outlet for expression of my inner world.

Why is sustainability in your clothing important to you?

I try to use organic or repurposed material as much as possible in an effort to be gentle on the environment, as well as to utilize whatever scraps I have available and try not to create a lot of waste.

What's one way you give back to nature?

I give back to nature simply by living my life mindfully and with reverence for all of creation. I am deeply aware of the beauty and power of the earth and its many blessings and how it sustains all of life, and I pay respect to that through the way I live and share my gifts with intention.

What do you hope your clothing inspires in others?

I hope that my clothing inspires others to feel the magic within and express a part of themselves that is most authentic, playful and attuned to spirit. I want people to feel like a piece of art, to bring an aspect of themselves to the surface that may not always be in the forefront.