Cover It Up Creations Jewelry


Phoenixville, PA

What makes your jewelry unique?

The mystery behind the creation, the various materials sought out, maybe a found object with a past, made into something new to be passed on so it can live forever. A priceless treasure with an incredible story behind its beauty manifesting the courage to live on.

How do you practice sustainability in your art?

Sustainability is very important! We need to do better in every aspect to help save our environment and for the sake of a cleaner future for our ecosystem. That is why upcycling is so important to me, my work and our planet.


What do you do to give back to nature or your community?

I participate in many fundraisers for our wonderful community with the Barnstone Art for Kids foundation, Ann’s Heart and have worked with the PA Horticultural Society to help plant trees. I am also very vigilant on reusing packing materials, boxes, basically anything I can recycle in every aspect of the business.

What do you hope your art inspires in others?

I want my art to inspire others to be courageous and strong, to fight, to embrace all of our “flaws” and to give ourselves the second chances we deserve.

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