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Kennett Square, PA

What makes your product unique?

It’s a unique product because it works well whether you are trying to reduce food waste or single use plastic in your home. By educating consumers about the natural solutions available for our modern lives, we are planting seeds for future generations.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Sustainability is important because vibrant and healthy ecosystems require diversity. By dedicating ourselves to sustainability, we are creating the world in which we celebrate our differences while embracing our humanity. By living sustainably, we give future generations a chance to shape the evolution of our natural world.

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What do you do to give back?

Everything we do helps us to create and foster more viable local ecosystems. Supporting pollinators and humans reduce food waste and our modern dependence on single use plastic. With intention we can reconnect our modern lives with nature. A lot of what we do each day starts with education at farmers markets. Even after a few years of selling beeswax locally, over 75% of our visitors at the farmers markets have never heard of beeswax food wraps. We have pledged to give $1 back to local charities, schools, and conservation groups on many of the featured packs on our website.

What do you hope your product inspires in others?

Intention and Sustainability

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